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Information about Purchasing a Puppy from Danikk

Danikk News: New Labrador Puppies

Purchasing A Puppy From Danikk

The following information may be helpful if you are serious about getting a Danikk Labrador:

This is an example of our contract


Limited registration (Other contract options may be available)

The sale of dogs and cats is subject to consumer protection regulations. Minnesota State Law also provides safeguards to

protect pet dealers and animal purchasers (Puppy Lemon Law,  Minnesota statues, section 325.79). 

This is a non breeding registration and can be changed to regular American Kennel Club (AKC) registration only by the

breeder of record.  Limited registration means this animal CAN NOT compete in conformation shows but CAN compete in obedience and field events.  Any offspring of this animal ARE NOT eligible for AKC registration and CAN NOT be

shown in conformation classes to a championship title at AKC shows. 


Seller:                      Frances O. Smith, DVM                         Buyer:

Address:                  5162 Union Lake Trail                            Address:

                                Lonsdale, MN 55046                             

Telephone #:           507-744-2284                                         Telephone #: 

Date of Sale:  _________________________________        Drivers License No.  ______________________________ 

Purchase Price:  _____________                                        Referred by:  ________________________________________


Breed:  Labrador                                                                   Sex:                            Color/Markings: 

Date of Birth:                                                                                      Place of Birth:  Lonsdale, MN

Breeders Name & Address :  Seller

Litter Registration No:                                                                      AKC Registration No. :

Sire:                                                                                                  AKC Registration No. :

Sire OFA No:                                                                                     Elbow Certification Nos. :

Eye Certification:

Dam:                                                                                                  AKC Registration No. :

Dam OFA No.:                                                                                  Elbow Certification No.: 

Eye Certification:

Dog's Microchip No. _____________________________              Microchip located between shoulder blades

AKC Registration (Certificate or Application Form) Given: Yes  No

Reason-If Withheld  ______________________________________________________________________________

Agreement for Non-Registration?   Yes    No

Limited Non-Breedable Registration?   Yes (May be converted to full registration upon attainment of AKC Companion Dog Obedience Title or Junior Hunting Title.)

This is a non-breeding limited registration and can only be changed to regular AKC registration by the breeder of record(May be converted to full registration upon attainment of AKC Companion Dog Obedience Title or Junior Hunting Title.) Limited means any offspring of this animal are not eligible for AKC registration.

COMPANION DOG GUARANTEE  (Suggested standards are as follows)

Companion Dog means this animal is sold as a PET  rather than for breeding or show purposes. No warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied are made under this contract except as stated below.

1.     The dog is purebred, and the pedigree is correct and given at the time of sale. The dog is registerable with the AKC unless the form is withheld per written agreement.   REFUND:  100% provided dog and registration papers are returned to seller.

2.     The health of this animal is guaranteed for TEN (10) days through examination of a veterinarian at the option and expense of the buyer. If the dog is found to be of unsatisfactory health and written documentation of the condition is presented, the seller shall, provided the dog and its registration papers are returned, at sellers option:


(Buyer and Seller to initial options agreed upon below):

_____     _____ a.  Replace the dog with the next available like prospect or mutually agreeable animal

3.     This animal has no known health problems.

4.     This animal has the following known health problems/characteristics: __________________________________


5.    This animal is guaranteed to be free of hereditary crippling/disabling defects apparent by life months of age

       (MN statute is 12 months). Determination of what constitutes a hereditary defect will be by the unanimous agreement

       of two (2) veterinarians agreeable to both parties. One veterinarian must be a tenured faculty member of an accredited

       university veterinary teaching hospital or Board Certified in an applicable specialty. Cost of these opinions are to be assumed by the buyer.                            

 (Circle option choice and Buyer and Seller initial.)

_____   _____       Replace with the next like available prospect or mutually agreeable animal provided the living dog and its registration papers are returned to seller.

6.     This dog is guaranteed to be of good temperament at date/time of sale.

7.     Buyer agrees to:

                a.  Annual veterinary checkups, including heartworm checks

                b.  Keeping all immunizations current according to AVMA guidelines

                c.  Administering heartworm preventive properly

                d.  Providing adequate housing according to state law

                e.  Confining the animal in a fenced yard or kennel run--not to be confined on a rope or chain!

                f.  Walking the pet on a LEASH

                g.  Sending preliminary radiographs of the hips and elbows to OFA by one year of age and certify the hips

                     and  elbows with OFA between 26 and 28 months of age.

8. .    This dog must not be spayed before the age of eight (8) months of age.  Spaying before eight (8) months of age

         nullifies all guarantees

9.     If buyer decides to sell or otherwise dispose of this dog, seller has the First Right of Refusal.


Seller:  _________________________________                   Buyer:  ­­­­­­­_______________________________


Danikk Labradors is concerned about all purebred dogs. We ask the new owners to be aware of  pet population problems and train their dogs to be a good neighbors in their area. We promote protecting and improving purebred dogs and the individual breeds by following standards outlined by  the American Kennel Club (AKC).   Danikk Labradors stresses these standards and breed types through a concerned, high quality breeding program.

QUALITY COMPANION DOGS COME FROM THE SAME LITTERS AS BREEDING AND SHOW  PROSPECTS. THEREFORE COMPANION DOGS ARE PLACED IN GOOD FAMILY HOMESSpaying or Neutering your companion pet will stop many future problems for you and may give your pet a longer and healthier life.


My  purpose of purchasing this purebred dog is for companionship only. Since it is sold as a companion and not for breeding or conformation show, I agree to have this dog altered (Spayed or neutered) between the ages of _____ months and _____ months. The AKC registration form will be withheld until the seller receives a statement verifying the alteration from the veterinarian who performed the surgery.

_____   ______ If this animal is sold on a non-breeding limited registration, certification  WILL   WILL NOT   be given at the time of sale,Option of seller.   (Buyer and seller to circle and initial one option.)


Seller:  ______________________________________        Buyer: ________________________________________


Date:  ______________________________________         Date:  _________________________________________


We occasionally have retirees available to only spectacular homes.

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