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Danikk Labrador PuppiesContrary to popular belief, the Labrador Retriever did not originate in Labrador. In actuality, the breed's roots are in Newfoundland. Labrador is quite close to Newfoundland geographically speaking, which may account for the belief.

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact ancestry of the Labrador Retriever. Some believe that the breed developed from the St. Hubert's Hound, the Portugese Water Dog, and various Pointer breeds. All of these breeds were prevalent in Newfoundland around the Labrador's earliest recorded history.

It is speculated that the Labrador was developed to help fishermen retrieve fish. The ideal dog for this purpose would need to be small enough to fit comfortably in a boat, eager to please, at home in the water, and have a water-repellant coat.

The Labrador Retriever was brought to England sometime in the early 1800's. In 1903, it was granted registration status by the English Kennel Club, and in 1917 it was recognized by the American Kennel Club as a separate breed.

Danikk Labrador PuppiesToday, the Labrador Retriever enjoys its first place status in AKC registrations, followed by the Golden Retriever. Its good-natured temperament and easygoing personality make it an ideal household companion. The Labrador Retriever is also a popular choice as a hunting animal, for obedience and agility trials, and as leader dogs for the blind.

However, the Labrador's popularity has also caused a surge in disreputable breeders. While there are many fine Labrador breeders, there are also those who breed for the love of a dollar instead of love of the breed. As a result, there are many Labrador Retriever puppies from puppy mills or backyard breeders that may be of substandard health due to careless breeding. Health problems such as hip dysplasia and peripheral retinal atrophy can be devastating physically, emotionally, and financially. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you choose a reputable breeder with problem-free lines and health guarantees. Labradors come in three colors; black, yellow and chocolate. Any other color or pattern in unacceptable and is a disqualifying fault.

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